Where is 21 Keys located?
We’re in Colorado Springs at the corner of Templeton Gap and Union, behind the Wild Birds store. Our address is 3362 Templeton Gap Road, Colorado Springs, CO, 80907. Our phone number is 719-445-1904.


We are near the westside and UCCS, just west of the Colorado Springs Country Club. There is plenty of free, well-lit parking directly in front of our facility. Handicap parking is available.


How much does it cost?
The price is $30 per person. We accept Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, American Express, and Discover.


How do I book?
To reserve a game, you must use the online form under any of the “Book Now” buttons. If you have any difficulties, please contact us.

Please contact us to book a Corporate Team Adventure or other special event.


What is your refund policy?
If you need to make a change to your booking, please contact us by email. Our policy is:

* 5 days or more from reservation: full refund or reschedule.

* 1-4 days from reservation: free rescheduling, one time, for a future date.

* Day of reservation: no refund.


Do you offer any discounts?
We offer Military and 1st Responders (fire, police, EMT), and their immediate families, a 10% discount at the time of online purchase. Please be prepared to show current ID on arrival. (use the "Military" or "1st Responders" dropdown, cannot be combined with any other coupons)

We also offer 10% discounts on full-room bookings (the entire room must be booked in one transaction). To receive information on other discounts and promotions throughout the year, please join our mailing list.



Can we bring kids?
Yes! Our games are designed to be family-friendly, but please keep in mind, the puzzles are geared toward adults and young adults. To ensure a fun and safe experience for everyone, here are our guidelines: Teens 16 and 17 must be accompanied by an adult who has signed the waiver, but the adult does not need to purchase a ticket or enter the room. Anyone under 16 must be accompanied by a paying adult who has signed the waiver and will be present in the room at all times. If families with children younger than 12 want to enjoy our escape rooms, please purchase a private, full-room* booking and a paying adult who has signed the waiver must be present in the room at all times. As always, maximum room occupancy rules will apply.


*Please note: if you have children under 12 and do not want to book the entire room, please call us. We can usually accommodate you during non-peak game times.



When should I arrive?
Please arrive at least 10 minutes ahead of your scheduled time to fill out the waiver and listen to our safety and game briefing. Your experience will start promptly at your scheduled time. DO NOT BE LATE! If you arrive late, your booking will not be refunded or rescheduled.


If I’m late, can I still play?
Sorry, but no. If you arrive after the game has started, we cannot allow you inside. This would disrupt the game for the other players. Please note, no refunds or rescheduling will be offered for late arrivals or no-shows. Please take traffic into account and map us out before so there aren’t any surprises.


Do you sell gift certificates?
Yes! Gift vouchers are available in $30, $60, $120, $240, and $300 increments. Simply click on "Gifts" in the menu bar to purchase a voucher that you can print or email to the recipient.


How do I redeem a gift voucher?
Please click on "Gifts" in the menu bar, then at the bottom of the page, find "Ready to redeem a gift voucher? Please follow this link."


What should I bring?
Bring a sense of adventure, your friends, and a desire to challenge yourself! Also, you’ll be on your feet for an hour, so wear comfortable shoes.


Is there any paperwork I need to sign?
Yes, each participant will be asked to sign a waiver (Non-Disclosure, Accident Waiver, and Release of Liability) before entering the room. This releases 21 Keys Ltd and any of its partners or affiliates of any liability in case you are injured or harmed on our premises, and allows us to monitor your participation by video and audio. Minors will require the signature of an adult. You can read the waiver here, if you’d like.


Am I really locked in a room?
Sort of. We will lock you in a room for 60 minutes exactly, unless you escape sooner. But, don’t worry… you will always be able to get out on your own if needed. Every room is equipped with a lock release button or key and cameras in case of an emergency. Additionally, your game is being monitored (audio and video) by our staff to ensure your time is memorable and safe!


Can I bring anything into the room?
No. Cell phones, cameras, purses, jackets, etc must be left in secure lockers in the lobby. If you must keep your cell phone with you because you're "on call", that's ok, but please, no pictures or videos.


How hard is it to escape?
Each room has a different level of difficulty and it is possible that you won’t escape within the 60-minute time limit. But that’s ok, it’s all part of the game! If your team wants hints along the way, we are happy to help.


How much time will I spend at 21 Keys?
About 1.5 hours. We ask that you show up 10 minutes ahead of your scheduled time to fill out the waiver and listen to our safety and game briefing. Then, you will have exactly 60 minutes to escape the room. Afterward, there will be another 5-10 minutes to take pictures and discuss the room.


How many players do you need?
Any number of players from 1 to 10 can play, depending on the room. We recommend bigger teams for an exciting time and a greater chance of escape!


How many people will be in each room?
It depends. Each of our rooms vary, so please look closely at the description of the room you are choosing to see the maximum number of people allowed. Please be prepared to share the room with other guests, including children, if you do not reserve all of the slots for the room. Sharing the room is a great way to meet new people and can make the experience even better!


Will there be other people I don’t know playing with us?
Potentially, yes, including children. But, we understand some teams prefer a private event. To guarantee a private game, simply purchase all the tickets for a time slot that has all the slots available. Otherwise, please be prepared to share the room with other guests, including children.


Why do some of your rooms allow a maximum of 4 people, but other rooms have a maximum of 10?
Some people love the exhilarating experience of being part of a large team and meeting new people. And other people prefer a smaller team of just people they know. We’ve designed game rooms for both scenarios, with plenty of puzzles to keep everyone entertained!


My group is larger than the maximum occupancy. Can I add them?
Unfortunately, due to fire and safety regulations, we cannot exceed a room’s maximum occupancy. But feel free to reserve multiple rooms or contact us to arrange for a special event!


Are there actors in the rooms and will they touch me?
No. There are no actors and no one will be touching you.


Is it scary?
No! We are focused on FUN for everyone! Some of our rooms may include elements of surprise or employ techniques to enhance the ambiance (such as music or specific lighting), but they are not intended to be frightening and will never be gory or gruesome. We do NOT use strobe lighting, loud noises, or actors.


Are there any physical limitations?
Escape rooms at 21 Keys are live-action experiences that require at least one member of the team to be able to read, listen, bend, duck, crawl, reach, etc. If you typically need reading glasses, you should bring them. Our facilities and game rooms are on the building’s first floor and are handicap-accessible.


What are the hours?
21 Keys is generally open 3pm-11pm Fridays, 11am-11pm Saturdays, and 11am - 9pm Sundays, but our exact hours are based on bookings and may be extended during holidays and school breaks. Please make your reservations well in advance so that you can choose the time and date that work best for you! Corporate Team Adventures and other special events may be booked at other times during the week. Please contact us for availability.


Do you post success rates?
No. We do not want anyone to feel unnecessarily pressured or discouraged. We want everyone to enjoy the game, and if you’re lucky enough to escape in 60 minutes, great! But if you don’t escape, we hope you will have had an amazing and memorable time anyway.


Are you filming me?
Each one of our escape rooms is equipped with cameras and your participation will be monitored to ensure an enjoyable and safe experience for all participants. Before you begin you will be asked to sign a waiver in order to be filmed. Video footage will be destroyed within 48 hours and never used publicly without your written consent.


Is it possible to book a time outside the posted schedule?
Sometimes, yes. Depending on availability, we may be able to book a special time slot for you. A minimum purchase will be required. Please contact us for more information!


I’ve already done one of your rooms. Can I do it again?
Yes! But please reserve the entire room so you don’t spoil the experience for first-timers.


Did we answer all of your questions?
If not, please contact us!